Huntington Beach’s
Premier After-school Program

Huntington Beach’s
Premier After-school Program

5th-12th grade premier after school education & college prep program

About Us

Scholar’s Hope Foundation is a premier after school program built around the belief that all students, regardless of their background, can succeed if given time and support. We foster the confidence and skills necessary for success in college and the workplace. Our mission is to inspire and guide our youth, for success in higher education.

We provide after school enrichment sessions weekly. These sessions focus on college preparation and homework assistance with individual attention from top-tier educators.


Our goal is to fully prepare our scholars for their high school and college experience. Students in 5th-8th grades, work in cohorts with college interns, strengthening their knowledge in social emotional literacy, technology, vocabulary and mathematics. In high school, our scholars become college and career ready.

College Prep

Scholars graduate college ready to make informed decisions about their future through focused academic support and social/emotional coaching. Through a comprehensive academic advising program, students create an individualized college plan. They are guided through A-G Requirements, SAT/ACT prep, and financial aid.

Social / Emotional Coaching

Social and emotional learning plays a critical role in the promotion of positive mental health in children and youth. At Scholars’ Hope, staff use challenging moments as opportunities to practice essential social emotional skills. Life skills such as self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making are cultivated through individual opportunities and reinforced by common language used by staff.

“I love that Scholars’ Hope gives kids a chance, that wouldn’t normally have that chance.I’m all about helping people out that wouldn’t normally get that opportunity.”

—Tony Gonzalez, NFL Hall of Fame Member 2019, Former Tight End

Our Program

Lighting the Way to Higher Education


Our scholars consistently outperform their peers and are more likely to attend higher education even when compared to advantaged groups.


8th Graders who met or education exceeded standards in language arts.


High School graduation rates


Meet UC/CSU Eligibility

Lighting the Way to the Future

Our scholars have big dreams! These dreams have the power to guide and encourage students to explore a variety of possibilities.  Through our commitment that reaches beyond a decade, students learn to push through obstacles, manage priorities, and discover the joy of learning.

Here at Scholars’ Hope we believe that all children deserve a great education.  But, with state testing, large classrooms, and not enough time in the day, many children get shortchanged when it comes to education.  We are committed to high quality programming, provided by top-tier credentialed teachers that understand all children need a trusted adult in their academic lives to see them on to success.  All of our methodology is researched based and backed up with the most current data available to provide your child with the best possible advantage of a successful academic experience now and through higher education.

We also believe that being a strong community educational partner lights the way to higher education for all.  As a parent, knowing we provide top-tier education taught by credentialed teachers with the goal of seeing your child to and through college is priceless.  Because of you dedication to your child’s education, we are also able to help less fortunate children from your community.  It’s a way we give back, and you do too.


What ages do you accept in the program?

Scholars’ Hope works with students from 5th-12th grade, and works individually with your child on a program best suited for their educational and socio-emotional needs. Please download our program guide for information about activities for each grade.

How is my student set up for success at college?

We have developed a program that incorporates:

  • High-quality staff with credentials and experience
  • An atmosphere of high expectations with relevant support
  • A culture that encourages students to express their academic and social-emotional needs.

The results prove our curriculum is making an undeniable impact on youth. This impact is demonstrated through higher GPA’s, higher college eligibility and preparedness for the demands of college life.

Do you help with financial aid planning?

Our 12th-grade core curriculum provides support for students to not only complete the college application process but to tackle the weighty financial aid process that faces many families. Our staff will assist students with planning and completing scholarship applications as well as completing and submitting any federal or state applications for financial aid.

Do you help with ACT/SAT prep?

Our 11th-grade core curriculum provides a guided approach to SAT prep by using a joint platform of College Board and Khan Academy. Students are able to develop a personalized study plan based on their SAT test results. Students are also required to participate in MOCK exams on selected Saturday mornings.

How much are the monthly fees?

The fee for the program is $100 per month for each student 5-12th grade. If you are unable to afford the monthly fee, you can appliy to various program support activities which include but are not limited to a reduced fee of $11/month, donation of school supplies, volunteering or attendance at parent meetings. Please visit ScholarsHope.org for more information. 

What can I find additional details about the program?

Additional details about the program and daily activities can be found on our program guide or by visiting ScholarsHope.org.

A Day in the Life at Scholars’ Hope

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